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Hard Drives - Storage and Carrying Case

Hard Drive - Universal Storage & and Shipping Case

When you need to preserve or transport your hard drives, choose a case that will protect your hardware and data through any danger. The Pelican hard drive case options feature interior anti-static foam, offering physical and ESD protection for your sensitive valuables. Hold up to 24 hard drives in a single Pelican Case, and secure your drives with double throw latches and padlock protectors.

Pull-out handles and wheels make the Pelican Cases easy to move around, and the superior protection that the case provides encourages peace of mind, no matter what tasks you are performing. Whether you are seeking a storage option in the long term, or simply looking to move your items safely, a Pelican hard drive case is the perfect option. With custom foam layout options to make sure your hard drives are adequately protected no matter what the situation, Pelican Cases are an excellent choice for anyone who needs additional storage space.

Cases are stackable and meet MIL-STD 4150-J. Available in Black only . This new addition to the Pelican case line is designed to hold 4, 8, 12 or 24 Hard Drives with the following measurements:
O.D: 8.25" Long x from 4" to 4.25" Wide x 1" High
O.D: 7" Long x from 4" to 4.25" Wide x 1" High
O.D: 5.75" Long x from 4" to 4.25" Wide x 1"High

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