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Storm Cases

For the ultimate in durability, Pelican Storm Cases are the ideal choice to transport your equipment. Injection molded plastic creates a high impact, lightweight shell that is watertight, dent-resistant, and nearly indestructible. A Storm Case also features latches that can withstand plenty of abuse while still opening and closing easily. With fully rubberized comfort grip handles and a pressure equalization valve, Storm Cases come in variety of shapes and styles so you can transport any item safely through the worst conditions.

Pelican case sizes
range from small to very large, with wheels and retractable handles making some of the bigger models easier to manage. Browse the Pelican case sizes below to find the Storm Case that’s just right for your indispensable items. Keep your valuable equipment safe from water, shock, and air pressure damage. Find out why law enforcement and military professionals choose Pelican Storm Cases for their reliability in the most difficult circumstances when you order yours today.

Pelican Storm Case Key Features and Benefits:
- Molded-in hasps for padlocks - Durable, resilient HPX high impact light weight shell
- Easy to open Press & Pull latches - Fully rubberized comfort grip handle
- Watertight
- Pressure equalization valve
- Pick 'N' Pluck foam - Convoluted lid foam
- Limited Lifetime Guarantee
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im2050 pelican storm case im2050 pelican storm case Storm iM2075NF
Storm iM2050NF
Price: $50.82
Storm iM2050F
Price: $54.95
Storm iM2075NF
Price: $60.03
iM2075 Storm Case with Foam im2050 pelican storm case im2100 pelican storm case
Storm iM2075F
Price: $67.86
Storm iM2050-Div
Price: $81.23
Storm iM2100NF
Price: $84.78
Storm iM2075-Div Storm iM2306NF im2100 pelican storm case
Storm iM2075-Div
Price: $91.98
Storm iM2306NF
Price: $95.92
Storm iM2100F
Price: $99.95
Storm iM2306F im2200 pelican storm case storm case im2300
Storm iM2306F
Price: $107.73
Storm iM2200NF
Price: $107.83
Storm iM2300NF
Price: $122.60
im2200 pelican storm case im2400 storm case im2100 pelican storm case
Storm iM2200F
Price: $124.95
Storm iM2400NF
Price: $131.27
Storm iM2100-Div
Price: $140.78
Storm iM2450NF storm case im2300 Storm iM2306-Div
Storm iM2450NF
Price: $142.07
Storm iM2300F
Price: $144.95
Storm iM2306-Div
Price: $145.51
im2600 storm case storm case im2370 im2400 storm case
Storm iM2600NF
Price: $149.40
Storm iM2370NF
Price: $149.44
Storm iM2400F
Price: $151.84
im2200 pelican storm case Storm iM2450F storm case im2370
Storm iM2200-Div
Price: $158.59
Storm iM2450F
Price: $161.75
Storm iM2370F
Price: $163.09
storm case im2300 storm case im2500 im2700 pelican storm case
Storm iM2300-Div
Price: $169.08
Storm iM2500NF
Price: $171.69
Storm iM2700NF
Price: $173.32
im2600 storm case Storm iM2620NF im2400 storm case
Storm iM2600F
Price: $174.47
Storm iM2620NF
Price: $185.96
Storm iM2400-Div
Price: $193.08