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Small Pelican Case Models

No matter what you need protected, there is Pelican Cases for all situations and requirements. The full line of smaller-sized Pelican Cases is built just as tough as the larger varieties. Whether you need to transport valuable gear, take your camera equipment out on the road, or just keep your electronics in a safe, secure storage case, there is a right Pelican Case for you.

The Pelican 1200 case, a popular choice for audio equipment and external hard drive storage, is an ideal case for smaller-sized electronics, cameras, and anything else that requires airtight and watertight protection. For those needing a slightly larger case, the Pelican 1450 case is perfect for your needs. Like all Pelican Cases, the 1450 is airtight, watertight, and airline safe. The 1450 also comes with the option to order the unique custom foam for extra protection. These foam inserts are cut precisely to your specifications, ensuring that your precious cargo stays safe and secure within the hard protective shell.
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